POACHED OYSTER with frozen rhubarb, dried gooseberry with walnut & Hernö gin. 80

“SWEDISH SUSHI”: crispy white moss, roe deer, cep mayonnaise & frozen bird´s liver. 75

APPLE & LINGONBERRY MACARON with foie gras parfait. 75

FRENCH TOAST with truffle, balsamico vinegar, aged cheese & truffle tea. 100


To begin…

“SEVEN GARDENS” with puffed buckwheat, crispy fish scales & Sancho butter. 185

PAN- SEARED SCALLOP from Sea of Japan, chicken mousseline, sabayone & “Nordic” dashi. 210

TOAST “PELLE JANZON”: brioche, Swedish dairy cow, deep fried quail egg & vendace roe. 195

VELOUTÉ: white onion, liquorice & smoked Marcona almonds. 130

TARTAR OF TE MANA lamb, Swedish pickled cucumber, mint and coriander emulsion, green onions, sage & dried dill. 215



NORTH ATLANTIC COD, with juniper berries, pears infused in orange vinegar, lemon thyme oil, oregano & crispy onions. 230

POACHED TURBOT “43°C”, oven baked Jerusalem artichoke flavoured with toasted cream, wild mushrooms, hazelnut & chicken jûs. 220

ROASTED PORK BELLY “Omega-3” from Sweden, carrot “hot sauce”, pumpkin & black garlic. 225

“HOT- POT” of Wagyu beef, variation of cabbage, cauliflower bouillon & truffle. 245


The finish

SPICY ORANGE, rose hip curd, sea buckthorn sorbet, cloudberry compote & carrot foam infused with Szechuan pepper. 115

SMOKED ICE CREAM “2.0”, toasted hickory pecan nuts, bitter cacao nibs, tar syrup & salted fudge with cloves. 115

“LÖRDAGSGODIS”: French nougat, pine fudge, black garlic marmelade, durian “dumle” & lavender lollipop 85

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