OYSTER ”63.4°C”, ”Frantzén hot sauce”, smoked cream, fingerlime & sea buckthorn oil. 85

“SWEDISH SUSHI”: crispy lichens, roe deer, cep mayonnaise & frozen bird´s liver. 80

FRENCH TOAST with summer truffle, Balsamic vinegar, aged cheese & truffle tea. 120

CHAWANMUSHI: cauliflower, herring caviar, fermented mushroom juice & thyme. 75


To begin…

“SEVEN GARDENS” with puffed buckwheat, crispy fish scales & sancho butter. 195 

PAN-FRIED HOKKAIDO SCALLOP Burnt bread pudding, beurre noisette, cauliflower x 4, crispy bread & hay ash. 220

COLD POACHED BLUE-LOBSTER with tomato & peach ”ceviche”, black pepper, almond oil, mint & herbs. 225

VELOUTÉ: white onion, liquorice & smoked Marcona almonds. 130

VEAL TARTAR miso & hazelnut mayonnaise, deep fried brisket, chives & caviar. 225



COD, MORELS, smoked beurre blanc sauce, hazelnut oil, spinach & peas. 255

OVEN BAKED TURBOT with blue mussel velouté, seaweed & lemon butter, dill. 235 

GRILLED SWEDISH BEEF TENDERLOIN with smoked shiitake, sauce Périgueux, chanterelle aioli, enoki & dried wood garlic. 245

HAY-POACHED CHICKEN, scrambled eggs, truffle, wild mushrooms, toasted chicken skins, white soy. 225



The Finish

SORBET FROM FROZEN & DRIED HERBS, pineshoot oil, matcha & lemongrass. 65

THYME ICE CREAM with tomato jam, bee pollen & Birch tree oil. 120

”SPICY RED”, preserved strawberries, pink peppercorn, vanilla. 120

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