”Råraka” fried potato,sour cream, Vendace roe, Matcha green tea powder & herbs 55

”Swedish sushi”, crispy white moss, fallow deer, ceps mayonnaise & frozen foie gras 75

Poached oyster ”63.4C”, frozen goose berries, seaweed powder with walnut & Hernö Gin 65

”French toast” with summer truffles, Balsamic vinegar & aged cheese 105



( We recommend 3–4 dishes)

Sashimi of Norwegian salmon with king crab, dried dill, crab aspic & trout roe 175

North Atlantic cod with butter sauce flavoured with juniper, pears infused in orange vinegar, lemon thyme oil, oregano & onion 230

Tartar of Swedish dairy cow, dry aged for 100- days, smoked eel, herring caviar, chives & scallion oil 210

Pan-fried Hokkaido scallop burnt bread pudding, beurre noisette, cauliflower x 4, crispy bread & hay ash 205

Pan- fried Guinea Fowl, butter flavoured with chicken jus & soya, cabbage salad with cooks comb, mushrooms & hazelnut.  225

Roasted Swedish pork belly, carrot ”hot- sauce”, pumpkin & dried kale with roasted garlic 195

White asparagus with fermented gooseberry sauce, split peas, chantarelles & pine nut. 180

Velouté: yellow onion, liquorice & roasted almonds 120

Veal cheeks, cooked for 24 hours with sweetbreads ”Kalv i dill”, creamy sweet & sour sauce with Swedish ättika, dill, glazed carrot & crispy onions 245



Swedish blueberry ice cream, pastry cream with ginger, caramelized honey & almond sponge cake 110

Smoked ice cream, toasted nuts, tar syrup & salted fudge with cloves 110

”Syltkakor” brown butter shortbread with Nordic berries 45

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