In the glass

Where possible we support small, artisan wineries who embrace stewardship of their land & show a real ’sense of place’ (’somewhereness’ as writer Jon Bonné would say)

Our List has a French core but with ever increasing additions from around the globe. We tend to favour wines with cleansing, natural acidity & bright, complex fruit uncluttered with excessive oak or alcohol. Riesling, Chardonnay, Syrah & Pinot Noir will always feature strongly, however the list will constantly evolve.

Frantzén’s Kitchen is proud to showcase leading Swedish distilleries: Hernö , Mackmyra & High Coast. We will always strive to find new, exciting partners for Jim & his team’s innovative dishes.

Enjoy the journey with us

Gary Pluck, Head Sommelier

Corkage policy
Our corkage fee is $550 per bottle, or upon purchase of a bottle from the wine list, the corkage fee is $300.

Each party of 2 guests can bring 1 bottle of their own wine to the restaurant. A party of 4 guests are permitted to bring a maximum of 2 bottles with the same policy applied separately for each bottle brought.

Example: if said party of 4 purchases 1 wine from us, and have brought 2 bottles of their own wine – the corkage would be charged at $550 for the first bottle and $200 for the second bottle. If they then purchases a second bottle of wine, then the corkage fee would then be $300 for each of their bottles.



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As a category C’s restaurant, we are able to stay open until midnight, serving drinks until 11pm and have 6 persons per table maximum.

Our maximal capacity is 20 guest at the same time.