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We have a simple philosophy when it comes to our wines: we work with wines we like ourselves. They often come from small, artisanal winemakers that respect the earth and the environment where the vines grow. The wines are terroir driven and tell a story about the place they come from. 

The carefully selected beer comes from Sweden, where beer has been brewed since the Bronze Age.

Corkage policy
Our corkage fee is $550 per bottle, or upon purchase of a bottle from the wine list, the corkage fee is $300.

Each party of 2 guests can bring 1 bottle of their own wine to the restaurant. A party of 4 guests are permitted to bring a maximum of 2 bottles with the same policy applied separately for each bottle brought.

Example: if said party of 4 purchases 1 wine from us, and have brought 2 bottles of their own wine – the corkage would be charged at $550 for the first bottle and $200 for the second bottle. If they then purchases a second bottle of wine, then the corkage fee would then be $300 for each of their bottles.


14th July 2021 WINE LIST

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As a category C’s restaurant, we are able to stay open until midnight, serving drinks until 11pm and have 6 persons per table maximum.

Our maximal capacity is 20 guest at the same time.